Monday, 22 May 2017

Back to the Primitive

We are still a bit wrapped up keeping an eye on the cat, which today also included pulling her out of the pond! She'd tried to leap it whilst on her lead... whoops.
Anyhow I've managed to get some time working on the primitive and cleaned up the back and filled some knots on the belly, there are a couple of cavities on the back which I've left as filling on the back doesn't really add any strength in tension and they look cool unfilled (they'll get wax in 'em).
The tiller is reasonably even (right limb stiff in out half) but it's coming back enough to brace it now.
My mate JT collected the repaired Warbow and left one that I'd made him a while back which could do with an arrow plate as it's got rather scuffed by the arrows (One guy who makes superb arrows insists they won't rasp away the Yew, but I think it's his arrows that are being used!). The picture doesn't lie.

Update:- The primitive is now at a low brace (about 3") and pulling 18" with the outer limbs moving more now

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