Friday, 19 May 2017

Warbow Repair Update

The multiple patch looks really good and has stiffened that area. Putting it on the tiller and the other limb looked very whip tillered so I didn't draw it too far.
I strapped the upper limb straight and gave it a good heat treating which has taken out a little set and stiffened it.
Pulling it to about 100# shows it is much improved but the tiller needs some work. I've drawn a circle which fits the upper limb and then a similar one for the lower, you can see they are not centred at the grip. The lower (left) limb still shows as weak mid limb, or rather the whole centre section of the bow is stiff. Over all the upper (right) limb is too stiff.
I will re tiller it and if it has lost too much weight I'll take an inch or so off each tip.
Meanwhile I've been picking away at the knots on the Yew primitive and filling them, also working down the sapwood on the back.

Bottom pic shows the multiple patch approach with 2 deep ones and then a long one over the top.

Emily cat is still not allowed out on her own as she's got a urinary tract infection :-(  .Shes on antibiotics and will have to have a check up next week, happy enough in herself tho' but pining to get out on her own.

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