Saturday, 20 May 2017

Warbow Repair Before and After

The title say it all! The right limb still looks a tad stiff, but it can always have some more done once its been shot a bit. Overall the tiller is much better and the weight is up a whisker from when I started as 100# @ 28" equates roughly to about 107# @30" and it's now actually pulling about 115# @30" so I'll call it quits for now, can always take an inch off each end at some later date.

The lower image (after retiller) looks smoother and less stressed despite being drawn an extra 2" !

The picture with two identical circles superimposed on it shows the right limb isn't bending on such tight a curve as the left and there is still a bit off a stiff grip. Much better than before though :-)
Note:- The bow looks almost like a laminate in the middle pic (especially on the left limb), it's where I have rasped the belly and the fresh wood is paler, once it's had a wipe of Danish oil it will be darker, a bit of time will then take it back to the same colour as the rest.
Some vid here:-


  1. Nicely done sir, you have those wood patches figured out where most would throw in the towel upon seeing a crack in there prized bow, you use it as an opportunity to pioneer new methods of repair and keep us posted. Thanks Bob

  2. Thanks for the words of appreciation.
    It makes it worthwhile.