Friday, 29 July 2016

Bristling with Ideas

I want to give the Hickory flight bow another chance but I'm not entirely happy with the feather arrow rest. I looked at the "Whisker Biscuit" arrow rests that compound bows use, a good idea but made of horrid modern materials... plastic eughh (spits on floor).
I was in Toolstation buying some more superglue and I noticed they had soft bristle hand brushes for £1.50 with natural bristles, so I've made some bristle arrow rests, one for below the arrow and one for the left edge.
First try, I used some super glue to fix the bristles, but is soaked up along them by capillary action and stuck 'em all together. I tried again with UHU glue on the back to tack 'em in place and a some epoxy carefully aplied when it was all finished.
It was a bit fiddly but quite fun. I'll glue 'em onto the bow with natural hide glue which can be released with heat.
Maybe this is all a bit obsessive, but it keeps me out of mischief.
I may even try the bow at a slightly longer draw... not sure.

The 60# Yew has had about 20 arrows through it, doesn't seem to have dropped weight and I've taken a few scrapes off the upper limb just above the grip. I'll shoot it some more and maybe get to the flight field over the weekend.
I've got a visitor this afternoon for some advice on staves, I'll see if I can find him something, or maybe

we can pop over the woods and cut a length of Hazel, mind I'd rather not as it's not the best time of the year for it and there are nuts on the trees.

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