Sunday, 31 July 2016

Flight Bow Shot Out

I took the bow to the flight field again, but it's the law of diminishing returns with bows, I'd got one shot of 299 yards with the Hickory flight bow, but in drawing it further to try and get more distance it now only shoots about 270. I put it on the tiller to see if it would draw 28" and if I could improve the tiller and heat treat the belly. I could see a couple of areas that could be improved, but when I started work, I saw the dreaded chrysals.
At least they were spread evenly over both limbs, which implies the tiller was at least even!
The other thing is the brush rest on the left edge of the arrow window shows wear indicating that the arrows were flexing hard against that edge.
I'm I despondent? Of course not! It's all a good learning experience, it was made all the more enjoyable by going with my son. I'd checked up last time and I could see that he could get a clear view and shot from the corner of the field. There are tractor tyres filled with concrete to stop unauthorised vehicular access, but a footpath gives him a solid area to shoot from. We enjoyed it and he broke the 200 yards for the first time using the Hickory bow and a bamboo flight arrow (226yards) we also shot the whistling arrows and my regular arrows from "Twister" pictured.

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