Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Yew 60 Pounder Near as Dammit Finished.

It's 60# at 27" (69 1/2 " tip to tip.
The horn nocks are shaped but not finished, I've kept them fairly small and tidy, it's ready for a decent string and shooting in.
I'll shoot my 11/32 diameter arrows from it as if it is to be used for hunting it will doubtless be shooting a heavy arrow, I'll try a flight arrow from it too just to compare, sounds like a trip to the flight field tomorrow.
I'll fit an arrow plate in matching horn, I don't intend to fit a grip as it should shoot very smoothly with hunting weight arrows, but I'll see how it feels in the hand.
Once it's shot in I'll fine tune the tiller and the arrow pass, and get it to the 60# at 28"

Here's a video of it on the tiller.
Maybe get the tips moving a whisker more to get that last 1" of draw?

String made, and first test shot with bow! Other tasty snacks are also available.

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