Monday, 25 July 2016

Unscheduled Jobs

The problem with eating al fresco is you notice the patio table is falling apart and that a replacement would cost more than you hoped. So... I though I'd mend it (again, as the dowels have already been re-done once),which takes ages and fills the workshop with mess.
While fixing the table I got to use a rather nice wooden clamp which I'd refurbished. It was given to me by Les the guy who'd let us cut the Yew earlier in the week. One of the threaded rods was split, so I opened up the split and got plenty of glue into it. hen I bound it with string to a straight edge. Some cleaning of the threads, a light clean and some waxing and it is rather handsome now (see lower left of pic).
Having got that done I glued horn onto the tips of the 60# Yew bow, I'll shape 'em tomorrow.

I'd noticed that the bandsaw was making horrible noises too so I've given that a bit of a clean up. The problem was all that green Yew I'd cut, the sap had got onto the idler wheel and solidified in lomps making it sound very lumpy and bumpy. The guide wheels were also gummed up.

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